bar soap - lemongrass plantain
bar soap - lemongrass plantain

Lemongrass Hemp with CBD


Some call plantain a weed but we call it an herb because of the relief it brings to the skin and this bar is made with plantain infused olive oil. In addition the bar is flecked with soothing bits of elder flower and carries all the benefits of hemp seed oil. The scent is lemony. App 4 ounces

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This bar carries all the benefits of hemp seed oil including CBD. The scent is lemony. App 4 ounces.

Why would you buy handcrafted bar soaps? Because what you put on your body gets into your body. Notice the ingredients of our soap. The oils are not only recognizable but they are edible. US law exempts soap from the requirement of listing ingredients so you may never know what oils are being used by the commercial soap producers. One analysis states that the primary oil is tallow aka animal fat. So if you are vegetarian or vegan you may want to reconsider commercial soaps. It would be rare to find the quality of our oils in a commercial soap and we have never encountered a commercial soap that was scented with plant derived essential oils.

Our pledge to you: we will ALWAYS list our product ingredients even if exempted by law, we will use vegetable based oils – organic if we can get it (our one exception is lanolin); we will only scent with plant derived essential oils; we will only use plant based colorants; and our herbal additives are organic. Plus our soap molds are pretty.

Additional Information


Medium Hard


Saponified oils of plantain infused olive, coconut, hemp seed, palm kernel, & cocoa butter; local beeswax; organic elder flowers; essential oils of lemongrass, lemon myrtle, lemon, & patchouli


Round with Celtic Face




Soft Gold with Flecks of Elder Flowers


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