About Us

We are a small home based manufacturer located in rural Northeast Florida. We differentiate ourselves by the natural and exotic oils, essential oils; herbs and plant based colorings used in our products – never synthetic anything. We have been making handcrafted soaps and lotions for 15 years. In 2000 we formally incorporated Magnolia Hill Soap Co. Our primary sales presence is on the web. We have no retail store. But we do attend selective herb and craft fairs whose attendees are likely to be interested in natural products.

Our Mission Statement reads:

“We are a handcrafted manufacturer of soap andrelated body products committed to using plant based oils, scents, colorings, and herbal enhancements. We are dedicated to educating others on the benefits and uses of herbs not just in body products but in daily life.”

We have extensive herb and floral plantings, organically grown, some of which find their way in to our soaps and other products.

Our customers are people who care about their health and body. They seek out our products both for what is in them and what is not in them. They enjoy our handcrafted bath and body products and we stand by our pledge to them to use plant based oils, colorings and scents; and to avoid mineral dyes and any synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, foaming agents, or scents.


A tray of our organic rose petals getting ready to be dried and used in our handcrafted products


Marge Powell – Owner and President of Magnolia Hill


Some of our chickens


Teaching Grandson to make soap for science project